Join us for a full-length, spoken word drama of the Gospel of John. Blending our training in theatre arts and our passion for the Gospel we aim to entertain and inspire. This high-energy performance is an engaging way to experience the Scripture.


We will be touring churches, colleges, and more seeking to proclaim the Good News to as many people as possible. Because we desire to partner with you and help grow your community of faith, we will not be charging for our performance or our services, but we do accept donations to offset our travel and personal costs as well as assistance in housing/food throughout our stay.

Host our team for a week and we offer you the option of any and all of the following:

Performance:  A full length production of The Gospel of John, as well as shorter selections which may prove useful for chapels, church services, classes, etc.


Fellowship: A meet-and-greet with actress Kelsey Cratty to share about her life in Christ as well as her mission work in Honduras for the past three years. Ideas for this time include: a hosted dinner prior to the first performance, a lunch hour with university students/faculty or church members, one-on-one coffee dates, or allowing us to be part of any of your regular classes or Sunday routine.

Discussion: A question-and-answer session directly following the performance with an opening statement about the challenges to survive and thrive as a Christian artist.

Service: The opportunity to sponsor a performance of The Gospel of John for a local prison, retirement center, homeless shelter, or other facility of your choice.

Workshop: A fun, interactive workshop using theatre exercises and techniques to enliven scripture readings both personally and for corporate worship.


*Contact us for more information on how to host us!



UNBROKEN BONES is based in Ypsilanti, MI and will begin touring in September 2017


Let us know if you'd like more information! 

UNBROKEN BONES presents...









Take a look at our schedule to see when we will be coming near you!


Sept 7&8       Cross & Resurrection             Ypsilanti, MI


Sept 17          Court Street Methodist          Rockford, IL


Sept 24          Mount Olive Lutheran            Rockford, IL


Oct 8               Orchard Hill                            Grand Rapids, MI

Oct 9-13         Western Theological Sem.    Holland, MI

Oct 14&15      Hope College                          Holland, MI

ct 16             Northpointe Christian            Grand Rapids, MI

Oct 18             Moran Park Church               Holland, MI


Oct 23-27       Northwestern College           Orange City, IA

Oct 28             Riverside Camp                     Story City, IA

Nov 2-21         Various Locations                 Honduras

Dec 13             Cross & Resurrection           Ypsilanti, MI

January           Various Locations                 Houston, TX

Feb 1-26          Various Locations                 India

Feb27 - Mar5   Various Locatio
ns                London, England

Mar13 - Apr10  Various Locations               Honduras

Performances for 2018 are being confirmed, but we do still have scheduling available. Contact us if you are interested in hosting!



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